Unit tests

There is a comprehensive test suite employing CMocka. You can run all of them using ctest in the build directory. Individual tests are themselves runnable. Please refer to CTest documentation for detailed information on how to specify particular subset of tests.

Testing for memory leaks

Every release is tested for memory correctness. You can run these tests by passing the -T memcheck flag to ctest. [1]

Code coverage

Every release is inspected using GCOV/LCOV. Platform-independent code should be fully covered by the test suite. Simply run

make coverage

or alternatively run lcov by hand using

lcov --capture --directory . --output-file coverage.info
genhtml coverage.info --output-directory out

Fuzz testing

Every release is tested using a fuzz test. In this test, a huge buffer filled with random data is passed to the decoder. We require that it either succeeds or fail with a sensible error, without leaking any memory. This is intended to simulate real-world situations where data received from the network are CBOR-decoded before any further processing.